Reprogramming your subconscious mind for belief, confidence & success!

90 days to become the most confident version of yourself you've ever known...
So you can FINALLY feel worthy of the life you want - and go get it!


I know what you’re thinking, ‘why do I need a confidence coach?’

Let’s ask a different question…

Imagine all of the problems you struggle with in life. The parts of life that make you feel stuck. The friendships or relationships that feel jarring, the career that’s unfulfilling, the insecurities that crush your ability to take action and make the first move toward the life you always imagined for yourself…

Imagine what the accumilation of these problems is costing you and then ask yourself…

What could you achieve if these weren’t a problem anymore?

How much would it be worth to you to finally feel as though everything in life is going RIGHT for a change?


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Let’s work together to challenge those limiting beliefs and change your life

I’m a confidence and mindset coach helping ambitious women overcome their fear of failure and take HUGE ACTION STEPS toward their dream life by building self-confidence that actually lasts so they can show up without fear or self-doubt. 

 It’s time to start moving the needle.


I know this isn’t how you imagined life would be for you but trust me, it’s all a matter of perspective and making a few key mindset shifts. You won’t believe what you can achieve! Take it from me…

I’ve battled and overcome my own insecurities and I know what it takes.

I struggled with my own social anxiety and a severe fear of failure for the best part of FIFTEEN YEARS! It stopped me doing everyday things like: taking the bus, making phonecalls, speaking up, saying ‘no’, talking in front of more than 3 people, going to the cinema, only leaving the house if I had my ‘sick bag’ with me (even though there was a hole in it!) and I even missed my final year graduation party at University… not cool.

But it also stopped me in other ways. As an ambitious and creative person, these fears were stopping me from: building a business, putting my work in front of people, challenging myself to step out of the box, doing things that I actually loved but that my perfectionism would criticise me for, avoiding anything that induced any sort of anxiety – including taking every opportunity that came my way.

I was stuck in a job I hated, in a toxic relationship and quickly losing friendships because my anxious response was to CANCEL everything. To put it frankly, I was damn miserable!

But guess what? Yeah, I knew you’d get it. My life has taken a 360 turn for the better. Yes, I’m still a little cooky Welsh lass who occassionally feels that flutter of fear (because you can’t eliminate fear altogether friend, whoever tells you it’s possible is telling you porkies)… but no way will it stop me. If I can escape all of that fear, all of those worries and put that inner critic in its place… SO CAN YOU!

You need someone to support you, hold you accountable, and be someone you can always count on. Someone who understands exactly how you feel because they’ve been there, done that, got the t-shirt, burned it and stitched themselves a new one that fits a lot better.

(That’s me by the way)

The right mindset will release you from your inner critic and set you on a path to freedom in ALL aspects of your life. Yes, we are talking about a HUGE TRANSFORMATION here, I’m excited!

You Know Exactly Why You're Here. You Know The Time Is NOW!

Meet Allison!

Client Testimonial

“I highly recommend the Diamond Confidence & Successsignature program! Emma’s guidance and gentle feedback are invaluable. Before the program I was floundering, having a vague idea of a new business I’d like to start, but not really making any progress or having confidence that it was a viable idea. Since working with Emma, I now have clarity with my priorities, goals & objectives, and essential tasks. I’ve made significant progress and have launched my business! I now have the confidence, determination, and roadmap to make my dream a reality!

It is 100% worth the investment in time and money! Working with Emma has saved me so much by helping get clarity around my goals and objectives, narrowing my tasks to essential so I’m more efficient with my time, and boosting my confidence so that I can be unstoppable!”

Are You Tired Of Standing Still?

I know how it feels to believe that everyone is moving forward while you’re stuck standing still.

I know how it feels to know in my gut that I can do more, be better, and achieve everything i’ve ever wanted but not really know how to get there.

I know the dissappointment of not knowing how to fix the problem.

I know the shame and embarrassment of quitting too early because of a lack of belief and deep insecurities.

But now? I now KNOW what it takes to overcome all of these emotional and mental blocks which in turn has a beautiful domino effect on every other aspect of life. I can help you get from standing still to moving forward. You just watch things fall into place… just watch.

Are you ready to start MOVING FORWARD? Hell yeah you are!

Introducing the DCS Signature Program

Let me ask you this, what exactly do you want?

Coaching will help you achieve what you never believed possible. How? Because you’ll have a mentor in your corner. Someone to hold you accountable. Someone who will call you out on your sh*t whilst also being your biggest cheerleader.

This is really important…

No-one ever achieved success on their own.

No-one. Don’t ever let yourself get to a point where you simply give up. Where you’ve tried and tried but feel as though you are getting nowhere, so what’s the point? This is your life we are talking about. I KNOW that everyone has the potential to live with authentic, long lasting, diamond-strength confidence and be the assertive powerhouse they know they can be. So, you’re not done. You just need a new approach… And this is it!

Meet Lauren!

Client Testimonial

“Working with Emma has been a game changer. I can’t express enough how much our sessions have helped me. My reasoning for undertaking this course was work related. As a freelancer in the creative industry, with a specific goal in mind, my hope was that these sessions would help me be more productive, spend less time worrying about what may or may not happen in the future and care less about what other people may or may not think about me. 

Now, having completed the course, I can say that not only have our sessions far exceeded my expectations on this front but it has also improved other aspects of my life, which has been a surprise and a wonderful bonus. Before I started this course I had a fear of driving on the motorway. I never addressed it because it was the easiest option not to. But this meant that I would often miss out or put myself through unnecessarily stressful alternative routes and ultimately get other people to drive for me. 

One week during our sessions I was confronted with this fear once again but this time I suddenly felt I had the tools to help me work through it. That week I drove on the motorway about 5 times, the longest stint being an hour and a half! In a nutshell, one of my favourite quotes is by Matt Haig, ‘ Our mind may make prisons but it also gives us the keys’. I feel this sums up entirely what Emma’s sessions have provided for me, ‘the keys,’ and for this I am incredibly grateful.”

Who is Confidence Coaching For?

Coaching isn’t for everyone. Let’s get that out of the way.

Because (and let’s make this very clear) coaching is NOT therapy.

If you are struggling with severe depression, addiction, suicidal tendancies, or anything of that nature then I encourage you to seek medical assistance. Please call your doctor and they will help you in the best way possible.

OK, so who is coaching PERFECT for? I’m glad you asked…


Forget About Everyone Else. Forget About Being What Everyone Else Needs You To Be. Forget About Solving Their Problems. Forget About Making Everyone Else Around You Happy...


So, Here's The Scoop...

I have space for new clients to start working with NOW.

What you’ll get when you work with me:

Initial FREE 30-minute consultation

12-week coaching program tailored to YOU and YOUR needs.

1 x weekly 60 minute sessions

9-5 weekday access to me via whatsapp 

A serious step up in self-esteem, self-confidence and control. Walking down the path to the life you wish to lead with your head held high!

Your CUSTOM ROADMAP will be built out following the A.R.M Framework - The core modules of
Diamond Confidence & Success

BONUSES?! I hear you cry! Uh, YEAH!

What's STOPPING You?

Start taking action and MAKING THINGS HAPPEN.

I’m looking for the right client.

Do you fit the bill? Because if you do then this could be a match made in life-changing heaven.

Read this page carefully, book yourself a free consultation and wait for an e-mail from me to start the process of taking control.

So tell me, how much is your happiness worth? 


Jump on it by booking your FREE consultation before the spaces fill up. It’s FREE! Worst that could happen? You get a value packed 30 minute chat with moi and I assure you, it will be enlightening in and of itself.

Coaching with me doesn’t just start and end once we enter our session.

If you have a problem, I want you to call.

If you’re stuck, I want you to reach out.

We’re talking about your life here, what could possibly be more important?


…Just imagine it!

See you on the flip side, it’s a bloomin’ marvellous place to be.

– Emma x

A little bit of client love ...


Have more questions? I think you'll find the answers right here!

Yes! Absolutely. Our sessions will take place via zoom so you can be positioned anywhere in the world provided you have a good internet connection.

You can pay via paypal or using BACS direct bank transfer. Both options will be available on the invoice.

The success of this program relies upon your dedication and commitment. All I can say is that you will have 100% of my time and energy to work through proven methods for building self confidence and overcoming self-doubt. You must be dedicated to your own personal growth, if you are then big change can happen. With that said, don’t put pressure on yourself to ‘succeed’ or ‘fail’ in this program or you will talk yourself out of making positive progress! I’ll be there to guide you, you just need to bring the energy!

This is what the free consultation is for. It’s to make sure that I am confident that you are someone that I can help and provide value to whilst also making sure that you feel comfortable accepting me as your coach and mentor! If you read through this page again and are constantly nodding, ‘Yes, this is me!’ Then chances are, we’re a great fit!

I’m afraid not amigo! Let me be straight with you – the financial commitment to courses such as this is what puts real skin in the game. I don’t offer refunds because A) I don’t want to give anyone any excuses to not do the work and B) These methods work. If you do the work, there is no reason why you shouldn’t see results.

You can reschedule our time within 48 hours. If you don’t schedule within this time you do forfeith your session. Again, this is so that you stay committed! It’s not to be cruel, I promise. I want you to get the most out of this so I need you to show up and stay accountable. Emergencies are of course an acception here, in which case we will find the time to catch up on the missed session.

Hit the button below and fill in the form to book a free consultation. Give as much detail as possible so I can really understand how best I can help you. Then I will be in touch to book the call and have a wonderful 30 minutes of clarification and understanding one another better.

Not yet! But keep your eyes peeled for the end of the year!

I can never 100% guarantee your results because hey, a lot of this depends on YOU. What I need to make sure of is that you are coachable. That you are open to suggestion, honest, communicate openly with me and will give your all to this program. Because remember, this is your life we’re talking about! Whatever you’ve done up til this point hasn’t worked, it’s time to find something new. Whilse I could never guarantee with 100% certainty that this process will yield results… I can gurantee that the process works and that you will have my undivided support throughout. I want this for you, so let’s do it.

I understand this position, I really do. I understand that putting money on the line is scary. I invested thousands into my own personal and business growth at a point where I was scraping the bottom of the barrel. All I have to say is that if there is one thing in this world worth investing in, it’s yourself. Because it’s when we address this deep transformational work that everything else in life changes. It has a domino effect on every single other aspect of your life… just watch as things fall in line! If we want to improve, we have to invest in people who know the HOW.

If you’ve been stuck struggling with your own mental and emotional blocks, constantly put down by your own inner ceitic and questioning every single decision that you make until you don’t make any at all… it’s time to invest. It will be the best money you’ve ever spent. Because think of the life you would have if you weren’t holding yourself back? If you appreciated yourself for who you are and had the courage to take action and go for things that you know you DESERVE? That’s worth the investment.

Yes there is a payment plan available for this 12 week Diamond Confidence coaching program. 

Still with me?

Great stuff. If you’ve gotten this far…. all the way down to the end… then I think you know what to do.

I look forward to speaking with you, I really do.