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How To Have The Courage Of A Superhero (Despite Your Anxiety)

Finding Your Purpose: The Questions That Might Help You Find And Answer

3 Reasons To Live In The Uncomfortable And How It Will Change Your Life!

Emotional Resilience In Isolation: Mental Stability In An Uncertain Time

The Art of Becoming


12 Life Lessons To Cultivate Mental Strength & Emotional Resilience

A book to help you enhance the quality of your existence by challenging what you think it means to live a good life. 

Now available in Kindle and Paperback on AMAZON!

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You’ve waited long enough.

You’re afraid to take action. You’re afraid to fail. You’re self-confidence is on the floor.

But this isn’t the life you ever wanted for yourself.

Let me guide you to becoming the resilient human you know you can be. Live an extraordinary life. Let go of fear. Become the most epic version of yourself.

Let me cheer for you until you’re ready to cheer for yourself.

Find out more about working with me as your personal life coach and cheerleader…

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Anxiety Relief: The Ultimate Guide

An accumulation of 51 tools and techniques for managing anxiety.  Tips for short term and long term anxiety and stress relief.

Read the full guide below for those times where it all gets a bit too much…

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Hi, I’m Emma Loveday – life coach, writer, artist and blogger.  Lover of slippers, online courses (yes, you can in fact love such things), 13% vol red wine and queso. 

Founder of Resilient Humans; a life coaching service dedicated to making life work for you, not against you, by building you up and guiding you toward the life you want and deserve.

Sufferer of social anxiety for over 15 years with some magical spurts of agoraphobia and mute-ism thrown in for good measure,  I have used self education and a fascination with human behavior to help me overcome the fears that were holding me back from making progress in life.

Now I’m here to help you!


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