Hello You,

constant worrier...
perpetual second-guesser...

Feeling out of control.

Always striving but never achieving (so you tell yourself)

Always trying your best but feeling like it's never enough, am I close?

Let's change that, shall we?


Here to help you find emotional freedom from self-doubt and overthinking by reprogramming your belief system using my proven C.O.R.E method so that you can feel in control of your life without fear and limiting beliefs holding you back.

You want a life you CHOSE.

You consider yourself a high-achiever, a go-getter and an ambitious character who is prepared to put in the work to succeed and achieve.

You’ve already found success (or perhaps, you’re eagerly making progress towards that first major achievement)…

But something isn’t quite right.

Because despite taking action and despite ticking off the checkboxes of life that society tells us should bring us joy and fulfilment, you feel like something is missing.

You find it hard to find joy in your success. You find it hard to find joy in your journey, your efforts.

You struggle with the weight of constant self-doubt telling you that you aren’t really capable and you don’t really deserve it.

You’re constantly overthinking what you’ve said and what you’ve done, wondering if you’re being secretly judged or criticised.

You make yourself small, afraid to speak up and assert your wants, needs, opinions and boundaries… leaving you feel unheard, unseen and unimportant.

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For you, something is missing.

You still haven’t fully experienced that sense of freedom you always longed for because you’re too trapped in your own mind.

Instead of being fully engaged and active in life, you feel passive.

Because despite all of the effort you make and despite your determination and grit, you’re faced with this overhanging dank cloud of negativity that you just can’t shake.

Instead of cheering yourself on you’re met with an inner critic that criticises you, belittles you and doubts you. Making every step that much harder to take.

Making every success that much harder to celebrate.

Making the path ahead seem foggy and increasingly out of reach.

It just doesn’t feel EASY. And when everything around you tells you that you’re on the right path, that you’re strong for going after what you want and that actually, you’re a pretty damn incredible person… It makes it that much more disheartening when you know that really, the battle with your own thoughts and beliefs is what’s causing that lack of joy.

The solution?


External fixes aren’t the answer.

Society has conditioned you to believe that the answer lies in making more money, buying more things, having more holidays and having that picture-esque life that we see across our screens daily.

And who am I to deny that financial freedom and time freedom aren’t fantastic ways to ease a lot of real-life stresses?

But here’s the tea… You can achieve financial freedom and you can achieve time freedom but neither will bring you joy if you don’t have emotional freedom.

Emotional freedom is what allows you to enjoy each and every success to the fullest. Emotional freedom is what allows the hard, pain-staking journey toward that dream life easier to bear. Emotional freedom is that one non-negotiable factor when seeking a true sense of FREEDOM.

Your belief system is the key to everything.

It is the key to high self-esteem, high self-confidence, time freedom, financial freedom, joy, happiness and TRUE success.

How do I know?

For over a decade I lived with severe social anxiety (and an immense fear of failure). I sabotaged every source of joy – from trying to build businesses and giving up way to soon, I gave up on an acting career because my anxiety made it too overwhelming to attend auditions, I lost friendships because I would cancel everything (last minute cancelation flakey friend over here!), A long term relationship ended because I was too intent on avoiding conflict that we never were able to address or resolve any tensions, I worked an 8am-6pm job at a car showroom in Mayfair which literally destroyed my soul because I didn’t feel as though I had any options.

Top that off with that usual daily hardships that come with anxiety like making a phonecall, getting on a bus or going to any sort of fun social event… it was pretty tough going.

But I realised something. After a year of exposure therapy to help my brain break the cycle of fearing social situations – I found that my anxiety had eased but I didn’t necessarily feel better.

I was all of the above; ambitious, driven, determined, intelligent (toot toot) and goal orientated – a real high achiever – and yet overcoming the anxiety didn’t help me the way I thought it would. And that was because I still felt out of control. I was still constantly worried about what people thought of me. I was still constantly comparing myself to everyone else. I was still feeling completely awkward about stepping out of the box that society likes to put us in and trying to take my like in a different direction – the direction I WANTED because, what are people going to think? And what will they think if I do all of this crazy stuff and FAIL?

What we make an effort to learn and what we achieve is based, at least in part, on what we think is possible and appropriate to us.


What you believe to be true about yourself will dictate how you behave, how you live and how you experience life.

When you’re battling with limiting beliefs that have been adopted and absorbed through time, experience and interaction with others – that’s the real sticking point.

But the reality is that your belief system isn’t set in stone.

Your mind can be reprogrammed for belief, confidence and success so that you can:



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